1966 - 2018

It's hard to believe it's been nearly a year since Ralph passed from our existence. The sound of his voice or laugh, or something that comes to mind that reminds you of something he would say in a particular situation, or just retelling some of his best jokes has become a periodic thing as we cherish his memory day to day or in gatherings; a testament to his influence as a person that he remains so strong in our hearts. 

After a year of his remains taking their last tour among family and friends saying their goodbyes, the family will be placing his remains at his final resting place. For anyone who would like to be there, his family has extended an open invitation to everyone. Sue Santolla thanks everyone for their thoughts and prayers over this past year.

            Saturday,  June 8, 2019  ~ 12pm

 Trinity Memorial Gardens

12609 Memorial Drive

Trinity, FL   34655